Le cabinet GPF recrute 01 Junior Supervisor

Salaire / mois
Localisation Dakar / Sénégal
Expiration 31 Octobre 2019
Description de l’offre

Superviseur Junior

Junior Supervisor

Job Description
1. Manage and visit Kom shop and obey company rules and policy to sell Smartphone
2. Manage promoter’s daily work and sales achievement.
3. According to the sales target, complete the total target and key model target.
4. Based on the display rules, display POSM and Retail Demo Phone to maintain the shop image.
5. Implement promotion or branding plan to increase sales.
6. Information collection and feedback

1. English can be used as working language
2. Love to research and master electronic and digital products, especially laptops, tablets, wearable devices and smart Phone
3. Good presentation skills and logical thinking, basic Excel skills
4. Have mobile phone company sales experience is better
5. Good at communication, strong driving force, good at influencing surrounding departments and working together to achieve goals.

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