Recruitment a HR Manager for Eco Afrique

Eco Afrique is hiring a HR Manager


The Human Resources Manager provides a full range of HR services, including employee relations, compensation and benefits management, performance management, recruitment and selection, training and development.

Main Responsibilities

The HR Manager’s basic functions include but are not limited to the following :

  • Control and ensure the strict application of the policies in force relating to the compensation and benefits, recruiting, termination processes, training and development, career and succession planning, performance appraisal, labor relations and the internal communication.
  • Make sure that the HR activities are carried out in compliance with the local regulations, the collective bargaining (where applicable) and the internal rules.
  • Participate in the salary surveys and/or conduct the interim survey for better positioning the affiliate in the market.
  • Follow up closely the labor industry relations in order to keep the management (local & Corporate levels) posted accordingly, and take the appropriate actions where needed.
  • Advise/assist other department managers on personnel matters.
  • Ensure that the internal communication is effective and in line with the company policies and guidance.

Compensation & Benefits

  • Implement & administer the compensation and benefits, as per the approved mandate, and/or the local regulation and collective bargaining.
  • Participate in the company’s survey, as per the Corporate guidance.
  • Conduct the interim survey in order to come up with a proposal; and seek review and approval at appropriate level, before implementation.
  • Ensure the tax return/ payment of the personnel income tax on salaries (nationals & expatriates) along with other payments to statutory bodies, are in full compliance with the local regulation.
  • Ensure that an approval at appropriate level is secured for any exception to the policy relating to human resources matters, beforehand.


  • Ensure that the payroll activities are carried out as per the Corporate standards (including the strict protection of the information, compliance of the setup of the Payroll vs local regulation in term of personal income tax, other payments due to statutory bodies)
  • Carry out a monthly analysis of the HR accounts & the variances months M-1 vs M
  • Ensure that the mandatory year-end activities (salaries declarations, tax return, manpower declaration, payment to statutory bodies, etc.) are carried out and completed timely, as per the deadlines set by laws in force in the country
  • Provide the Accounting & Finances department with the relevant assistance during Tax review performed by the Tax Authorities and any statutory body
  • Carry out a regular review (minimum once every three years) of the Payroll parameters, in order to ensure its compliance with the local regulation.

Taxes return and other payments to statutory bodies on salaries and benefits

  • Ensure that the tax return and payment on salaries is done on time
  • Get the withholding taxes and any other payments due to statutory bodies on salaries
    reviewed by the Tax counsel, in order to ensure compliance with the local regulation.

HR Personnel data management

  • Make sure that data are gathered and updated on timely basis.
  • Make sure that the database is 100 % accurate, timely.

Staffing and Development

  • Provide the relevant assistance to Department managers in the training and development process.
  • Supervise the recruiting and internal transfer processes.
  • Liaise with the Legal Counsel in order to make sure that any fixed term contract, contracted staff and any termination is carried out with regard to the local regulation or any existing protocol which backs such a process.
  • Assist the Department managers in assessing the training needs and propose nominees / training modules.
  • As far as possible get the attendance of the nominees effective to the training courses and issue statistics to be released at management level.

Performance appraisal

  • Conduct training / refresher sessions on the provisions of the Performance appraisal policy.
  • Organize and facilitate the ranking session, when / where needed.
  • Administer the reporting of the statistics.
  • Administer the feedback to staff and issue statistics.

Employee relations

  • Advise management on the trend and/ or upon any significant labor relation event which may impact the business environment.
  • Oversee disciplinary action, in accordance with the functional managers and Legal Counsel.
  • Participate in the negotiations with the Unions and/ or Ministry of Labor, when required.
  • Represent the company where needed for employees’ matters.
  • Meeting with employee representatives, on a regular basis in order to strengthen the work climate.

Employee records

  • Make sure that all critical records / files are kept as per the company policies on the
    safeguarding of the sensitive data.


  • Maintain a high profile of internal communication (forum, notice board, regular/structured meetings with employee representatives).

Planning and Budget (P&B)

  • Prepare the annual P&B relating to HR matters (headcount, salaries & wages, training,
    insurance) in accordance with the department heads.


Handle the various reporting (monthly, quarterly, annually) designed by local & Corporate management relating to the staff including:

  • Highlights
  • Headcount (recruiting, termination, resignation)
  • Balanced Scorecard (training, vacation, sick leave, etc.)
  • Organization chart.


  • Minimum 10 years’ experience with at least 5 at supervisory position
  • Advanced knowledge in the basic provisions of the Labor Code
  • Minimum Bac+4 or relevant experience
  • Supervisory training
  • Highly proficient in English
  • Computer literate
  • Persuasion & Influence
  • Communication skills
  • Integrity
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Confident & reliable.

Closing date : 13 March 2020

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