The US Embassy in Senegal recruits an Engineering Technician

The US Embassy in Senegal hiring an Engineering Technician.

  • Announcement Number: DAKAR-2020-006R
  • Hiring Agency: Embassy Dakar
  • Position Title: Engineering Technician (Building Automated Systems) – (All Interested Applicants)
  • Open Period: 02/20/2020 03/05/2020
  • Series/Grade: LE – 1105 9
  • Salary: XOF CFA18,079,202
  • Work Schedule: Full-time – 40 hours per week

Job description

The Building Automated Systems Engineering Technician (BASET) will report directly to the Senior/Deputy Facility Manager and be responsible for the operation and maintenance, which may include a Reliability Centered Maintenance program (RCM), of computer and microprocessor- controlled systems located throughout the New Embassy Compound/New Consulate Compound (NEC/NCC).

Job requirements


Minimum of five (5) years field experience in the operation and maintenance of a building automation system (BAS), including computer and microprocessor control system installation and programming. The experience may have been gained as a result of performing general maintenance on computer controlled systems and equipment; however, at least two (2) years must have been spent in direct maintenance of BAS specific components in a similar environment in addition to three (3) years of experience with large, modern, commercial or government office building operations and maintenance. Experience working with U.S. building, trade, construction, fire, and safety codes and standards is required.


  • English level IV (Fluent) Written/Speaking/Reading is required.
  • French level IV (Fluent) Written/Speaking/Reading is required. In order to communicate with local contractors and other LE Staff.  Will be required to translate local technical information and documents into English for the Senior/Deputy Facility Manager. (This may be tested)

Education Requirements:

The completion of a 4-year Bachelor of Science degree, or equivalent, in Mechanical/Electrical/General Engineering or Computerized systems, control and sensor technology is required. Applicants must have proof of specialized technical training to match background requirements.

Skills and abilities

The incumbent will have strong  computer skills, able to navigate through the Microsoft Office Suite software (Word, Office, Excel, Outlook, Power Point, etc.), to create the various documents including reports, spreadsheets, cost estimates, inspection logs, utility consumption charts and graphs; write e-mails and research information on the Internet.  Must be proficient in AutoCAD, able to create usable engineering drawings to assist in the operations and maintenance process, or for use in renovation projects.   Must possess a valid driver’s license and have a clean driving record.   Must have excellent interpersonal skills and be able to handle a large workload and multiple tasks simultaneously. Must be highly organized. (This may be tested).

Job knowledge

The incumbent must have superior knowledge, exceptional technical skills, and a thorough understanding of building automation systems, their components including sensors and actuators. Must know how to make adjustments to the system and components to keep the building within the designed operating parameters. Must be able to interpret sensor readings, and fault and failure codes in order to diagnose and expedite repairs.  Individual must be familiar with the operating parameters of specific building spaces and the specific systems that support each space, so critical operations are not disrupted when performing maintenance and repairs.  Individual must have knowledge of local companies that can provide material or service support for the systems within his area of responsibility.

Individual must have detailed technical knowledge of the control systems within his/her area of responsibility and basic knowledge of how the control systems interface with the operating systems.

Incumbent knowledge base must be equipment specific; with the makes and models of the installed equipment.  Must have a good working knowledge and ability to use AutoCAD to develop and modify building drawings.

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