ALIMA recruits a Research Funding Advisor

ALIMA hiring a Research Funding Advisor.

Job description

The Research Funding Advisor will be based in Dakar with potential visits to the field and to EuropeShe/he reports directly to the Research Director and get the support from the institutional funding manager.


The Research Funding Advisor is responsible for identifying funding and processing proposals from donors for ongoing and planned research projects and structural fundings for the CORAL platform and overall ALIMA’s research capacitiesHe/she is in charge of maintaining a positive relationship with donors and ensuring grants management and donor compliance.

The role of the Research Funding Advisor is transversal and he/she will work with all other Operational Funding Desk Advisors.

Main activities

The Research Funding Advisor will be responsible for identifying funding opportunities and proposal writing for research projects and collaborates with the Desk Grants Manager and the Desk Finance Manager of each desk for grants management, reporting, and budget follow up and with the Research Director/manager for working on the development of new research projects.

I- Identify and secure funding for ongoing and planned research projects

  • The Research Funding Advisor will actively seek funding opportunities for all research projects, including future projects, by maintaining a good knowledge of ALIMAs operations, the humanitarian context, research & humanitarian actors, and a good knowledge of donors strategy and process, including donors not currently funding ALIMA/CORAL.
  • He/she is supported on this aspect by the Institutional Funding Manager, the Operations Direction and CORAL platform.

II- Identify and secure structural fundings for CORAL

The CORAL platform needs structural support from donors to finance its functioning and its developmentIt includes funding for training (Masters and PhD) for current and future researchers in CORALThis funding can come from institutional donors or private foundationsThe RFA will identify those opportunities and manage the application process.

III– Maintain relationship with donors

  • The CORAL team and Operation Direction are the official representatives; however the Research Funding Advisor is responsible for maintaining relationships with donors, providing regular information on on-going research and operations, and maintaining an open dialogue throughout the yearDuring the months of contract negotiation the Research Funding Advisor is responsible for the follow up of the negotiation at every step and can take over the negotiation if needed (from the project team or the desk manager or CORAL director committee).
  • He/she will also support the desk and CORAL teams if needed regarding grants management, and compliance.

IV- Support the desk team to deliver quality concept notes and proposals according to operational strategy and support project development for research activities

  • The Research Funding Advisor participates and advises the project teams on research project development and program strategy.
  • He/she provides support and writes strong concept notes and proposals for donors.
  • He/she proofreads, comments, corrects and validate concept notes and proposals to make sure they include strong technical added value, meet research criteria, present sound strategic vision, are coherent with budget and are aligned with donor guidelines.
  • He/she writes concept notes and participate in the writing of regional research projects.

V- Advice on grants management and contractual requirements

  • The Research Funding Advisor provides information and advises the desk team regarding donors regulations and contractual requirements if needed.
  • He/she provides to the Operational Funding Desk Advisors all element required to make sure that research activities and engagements toward donors are aligned, or be able to propose contractual modification to donors if operational or research plans change.

VI- Support and supervise narrative reporting to donors and partner

  • The Research Funding Advisor, depending on the contract and team composition, supports or produces the narrative reports for donors.
  • The Grant Managers or the Research Funding Advisor are responsible for the writing and elaboration of narrative reporting for research activities, according to contractual requirements and with strong monitoring and analysis under the CORAL’s supervision.
  • They work with the operational team to write precise, detailed, and clear report, according to donors requirements and format and within deadlines.
  • Depending on his/her skills, the position could include a responsibility on supporting the finance team on the follow-up of transversal and/or multicountry research budgets.

Job requirements 

  • Master degree required : public health, political sciences or any relevant field
  • Knowledge of project cycle and international research regulations
  • Knowledge of process and rules of main donors
  • Good understanding of public health, medicine & nutrition
  • Strong ability to communicate fluidly between a large number of stakeholders


Advanced level of written and oral expression in english and french


  • Contract : Open Ended Contract, 3 months probationary period renewable once – maximum 6 months of probationary period.
  • Starting Date : ASAP
  • Salary: Minimum net salary after taxes and social contributions 2 150€ per month


  • Travel costs between the employee’s country of origin and Dakar, unless recruited locally
  • Five weeks annual leave per year as well as a recovery system for days spent on work travels; + one additional month paid leave after 3 years at HQ
  • One round trip per year between Dakar and the employee’s country of origin for the employee and her / his dependents + one individual round trip
  • One-off relocation allowance at the beginning of the contract in Dakar
  • School annual enrollment fees for children from 2 to 18, according to the ALIMA HQ policy
  • Medical cover insurance including repatriation insurance for the employee and her/ his dependents, as per the definition of our insurer

How to apply

Please send your CV and your answers to the following questions before May 20, 2020 :

Why are you applying in light of ALIMA’s operational approach and CHARTER ?

Please share a strength and a weakness in relation to your personal experience with grants management.

  • How would you describe your capacity to manage complex project with high level of technicity among differents partners?
  • What is your experience or capacity to work remotely with team members based in different locations?
  • When would you be available to start ?

Reference check: please indicate the names of 2 previous managers as well as 1 HQ HR contact.

N.B.: Applications are processed in the order of arrival and we reserve the right to close the offer before the term initially indicated if a good application is successful.

Only full applications (CV + answer to questions) will be taken into account.

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