Recruitment a Senior Economic Analyst for Natural Resource Governance Institute(NRGI)

NRGI is hiring a Senior Economic Analyst

NRGI Background: For the one billion people living in poverty in resource-rich countries, the oil, gas and mining sectors have failed to deliver on the promise of better quality of life. Instead of fact-based public debate, populist promises dominate many political systems. Corruption and state capture have spread, and democracy is under threat. Those who demand accountability face harassment and violence. The climate crisis looms large and the transition to green energy risks replicating governance misdeeds in the sector. Unless governance improves, half of the world’s poor will live in resource-rich countries by 2030.

The Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI) mission is to secure a future where countries rich in oil, gas and minerals achieve sustainable, inclusive development – one where people receive lasting benefits from extractives, and the negative impacts associated with the sector are minimized. Transparency, intelligent data, and capacity building are key tools to delivering impact. Our international staff of more than 90 country and issue experts, lawyers, economists and governance specialists contribute evidence-based knowledge, advocacy, and technical expertise to make gains for the public good.

In Africa, NRGI engages at the regional level in a more strategic and systematic manner, selectively choosing where the organization can add value, reinforce country objectives and have impact. Priority countries for NRGI are: Republic of Guinea, DRC, Tanzania, Ghana, Uganda. NRGI is exploring engagement in Senegal. And NRGI engages with relevant regional institutions promoting natural resource governance for sustainable development.

Job Purpose: The Senior Economist will lead analytical work and act as a senior spokesperson on economic issues relevant to resource extraction in the Africa Region. The successful candidate for the post of Senior Economic Analyst will be an outstanding economist with deep experience of the region, and with exceptional skills in public speaking and organizational representation. The Senior Economist brings technical understanding in extractives, economics and governance to generate expert analysis, research and policy advice vital to NRGIs work in driving reform in Africa. The position will work in concert with Africa regional and Legal & Economic (L&E) teams to advance NRGI’s learning, advocacy, monitoring and expertise in NRGI’s economic lines of work. Potential areas of focus are tax policy, extractives revenue management, economic linkages from the extractive sector, state-owned enterprise management and helping resource-rich countries navigate the energy transition.

With an economic background in the extractives industry, s/he will contribute to advocacy, capacity building and technical assistance efforts by providing specialized expertise, leading region-specific strategies and interventions, and localizing global programs to the region and targeted countries. The Senior Economic Analyst will build strategic and productive relationships with regional bodies, development partners, leaders in government and civil society, and private sector.

Major Responsibilities

Research and thought Leadership

  • Advance the learning, expertise, and body of evidence-based knowledge to drive impact in natural resource governance and sustainable, inclusive development.
  • Keep up to date on region & global trends, developments, and key international issues in governance and extractives. Stay informed on the full breadth of relevant research and learnings internally and externally to frame the economic viewpoint on governance progress in Africa.
  • Conduct and lead strategic analysis, including quantitative analysis, data synthesis, and research to develop and adapt economic and financial models for Africa and target countries. Lead evidence translation, generation, and dissemination; grow NRGI body of knowledge in collaboration with external partners.

Publish for impact

  • Write, review and publish research findings, opinion pieces and policy briefs; support country staff by reviewing and signing-off on key economic analysis & work products
  • Provide expert advisory services / communicate expert opinion
  • Participate in peer reviews and contribute towards partner events and publishing

Ensuring impactful implementation

  • Manage and run a portfolio of projects, engaging NRGI and partner capabilities to maximize impact and capacity for good governance.
  • Participate in regional and country strategic planning & design, ensuring cohesiveness across programs:
  • Provide analytic inputs and key learnings for strategic, program, and annual planning; identify evidence and information gaps that need to be prioritized
  • Help devise strategies and programs incorporating economic analysis to impact NRGI’s four strategic work areas: getting a good deal; managing revenues; navigating the energy transition; addressing corruption and state capture
  • Help in ensuring coherence between global programs and regional economic projects and strategies.
  • Support the implementation of the regional strategy, lead on related economic work, coordinate NRGI engagement on policy dialogue in the region and promote good practices.

Engage in capacity building and targeted technical assistance in-line with regional, country and the global L&E program strategies:

  • Design and run technical assistance programs and projects, directly engaging with and advising prominent leaders
  • Help design, develop and deliver training, conferences, and workshops; and facilitate dialogs and discussion panels in areas of expertise

Apply Project Management discipline to effectively manage and coordinate projects:

  • Develop detailed plans and timelines, including milestones for M&E; adapt plans to maximise impact; respond proactively to opportunities and problems
  • Procure, manage, and lead consultants
  • Manage budgets and expenses; ensure timely reporting
  • Ensure compliance to standards and policies: financial, data, and technical
  • Fully integrate MEL in design and implementation.

Review whether desired results were achieved and foster learning and improvement:

  • Develop the MEL framework; tailor for specific donors
  • Participate in learning reviews and determine how to adapt future projects
  • Assess quality of implementations and program designs
  • Understand & document best practice; promote / scale up successful approaches
  • Design and pilot new tools & approaches

Fundraising & Donor relations

  • Build strong donor relations that deliver mutual value and generate sustainable funding.
  • Build quality relationships of mutual trust with current and potential donors; help identify potential donors and funding sources. Ensure full understanding of donor priorities and engage proactively in collaborative programming.
  • Contribute to the development of proposals to secure funding, particularly where relevant to economic analysis and impact.
  • Create value for donors and ensure compliance from design through post-implementation:
  • Ensure physical & financial resources are utilised in line with donor expectations, value for money requirements and good accounting practices
  • Ensure full understanding of and compliance with donor requirements
  • Create relationships of on-going value by providing insightful information and maintaining relationships during and after implementation
  • Follow up with sub-grant recipients to ensure that accountability requirements are met and deliverables achieved on time and to standard
  • Participate in and cooperate with donor audits and implement corrective actions

Influencing & communicating for impact

  • Strengthen NRGI presence in the region, help shape region norms and deliver gains in the transformation of practices in natural resource governance through effective influencing, advocacy and communication strategies.
  • With country and region teams, participate in in-depth stakeholder analysis, planning and influence management. Help the regional team build a broad network of relevant and impactful relationships.
  • Effectively use media and communication platforms/tools to reach target audiences and generate awareness and understanding that translates into impactful engagement. Monitor and evaluate communications and advocacy efforts to ensure they are having the required impact and are implemented to standard.

Roll out Advocacy & Communication Strategies

  • Produce tailored materials and approaches for influencing key stakeholders
  • Develop information and education campaigns
  • Hold dissemination events
  • Contribute and report on impact / success stories
  • Develop and implement innovative approaches to reach target groups

Personally contribute towards the implementation of Advocacy & Communication strategies:

  • Participate in networking events and other opportunities to build relationship
  • Meet with stakeholders to progress agendas
  • Effectively engage with media and social media to communicate vital messages
  • Speak at conferences & events
  • The responsibilities of this role are subject to modifications as required by the needs of the organization.

Job Requirements

Experience & Technical Skills Required

  • Minimum 7-8 years’ experience working as an economist within the field of international development broadly.
  • At least 3 years’ experience working on extractive industry governance or at least one of the following fields: taxation, public financial management, state owned enterprise management, or energy transition.
  • Deep understanding of the interplay between regulations, government, and commercial activities; familiarity with country, regional and global initiatives aiming to improve good governance in the extractive industries sector.
  • Excellent quantitative analysis skills, including experience developing complex models, synthesizing data sets from multiple sources, and guiding strategic analysis and interpretation.
  • Experience providing pragmatic technical assistance on complex policy or business issues to decision-makers.
  • Ability to deliver training and other capacity development interventions to a diverse range of stakeholders.
  • Significant experience working internationally, including in the developing world; experience in Francophone Africa strongly desirable.
  • Possess the gravitas, credibility and ability to initiate and develop strategic relationships and influence key stakeholders at a project, country, and region level; experience engaging with regional institutions in Africa and donors, and institutions that may require different approaches
  • Experience managing and allocating resources efficiently.
  • Ability to think conceptually and strategically with a 3-5 year horizon
  • Bilingual in French and English with excellent writing, speaking, and presentation skills. Excellent cross-cultural communication skills, including ability and/or interest in engaging with the media and using social media (e.g., Twitter) to connect NRGI’s work to relevant current affairs.

Education & Qualifications

  • Postgraduate degree in economics required. Earlier / additional degree in relevant field (e.g., public policy, finance, law, international affairs, or engineering) preferred.
  • Working Environment: Starts with flexible working arrangement until Dakar office is established. Travel to Yaoundé, Dar es Salaam within the first four weeks. Subsequent travel will be on needs-basis to supplement regular virtual meetings with regional partners and internal teams, (approximately 30%).

Applications: Applications should be submitted by way of a cover letter and a current cv no later than Monday 27 April 2020. Applications will be assessed on a rolling basis up to the closing date.

NRGI’s Values: NRGI seeks candidates who align with our values:


Maintaining our independence and credibility. Willing to speak truth to power. Engaging with respect. Practicing what we preach. Upholding the highest standards of excellence in all we do.


Strategic and selective in approach. Mindful of context, adapting to changing realities and seizing new opportunities. Looking critically and openly at what works and what doesn’t, and why. Integrating that learning into our forward-looking work. Accountable to our mission, the actors with whom we work and each other.


Partnering internally and externally to affect change. Capitalizing on NRGI’s comparative advantage. Valuing teamwork, diversity and inclusion. Working with different stakeholders and across different stakeholder groups. Commitment to building the field and inspiring others to act.


Commitment to social justice. Prudently optimistic that we can and will shift entrenched power dynamics. Dedication, creativity and resiliency in the fact of obstacles. Investing in change makers and strengthening NRGI.


Technical competence, intellectual leadership and commitment to quality. Generating and leveraging the evidence base. Interrogating our work. Innovation and initiative to push the boundaries of our field.

NRGI is an Equal Opportunity Employer. NRGI considers all applicants based on merit without regard to race, gender, sex, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, disability or any other characteristic protected by applicable law.

Your privacy is important to us and we are committed to collecting, processing, storing and destroying all information in accordance with the GDPR, UK data protection laws and the NRGI Privacy policy. Please note that only successful candidates will be contacted.

***No recruiters or agencies, please***

Closing date : 27 April 2020

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